Why Josh Kern? Why today?

Josh Kern is an experienced marketing writer, editor and designer with over 10 years of experience creating compelling collateral for cutting-edge companies. Josh Kern has the experience, the enthusiasm and the energy your company needs to revitalize its marketing and get its message out to the masses.

Featuring the precision of a laser, the speed of a Ferrari and the versatility of a Swiss Army Knife, Josh Kern brings more to the table than your standard writer/editor. Not only can he write exciting copy, he's also got extensive expertise and experience in graphic design and Web design, and is a veteran of creating end-user documentation and internal/human resources documentation.

Josh Kern also features a background and education in journalism, which, combined with his career experience, gives him the creativity, the deadline-driven mentality, and the excellent written and verbal communication skills that your company is looking for.

Isn't it about time you had Josh Kern working for you?



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